The Settlement from the Fall

While inside of a fast food restauarant, I slipped on a puddle of water. One of the employees had apparently mopped the floor before and left the wet spot without cleaning it up. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t and had to be taken to the hospital by the paramedics. All I wanted was a simple burger, but instead I got a few broken bones. I had to find a lawyer that would represent me in court while I sue the restaurant. My Friends told me about a lawyer at who could take my case and wouldn’t charge me anything if I he didn’t win.

The lawyer won my case and the restaurant agreed to pay my hospital bills, lawyer fees, and to give me a cash settlement for my troubles. I healed up and was back to normal, but I was hesitant to step foot in any restaurants for a while. For now, I only use the drive in to get my food. I rarely go to this restaurant now that I’ve had my accident there. There is something about that restaurant that I don’t want to go there anymore. It’s not really fear or anything, I just don’t have a feeling for it anymore.

I think I’m going to use the money that I’ve gotten from the settlement to do something for myself. I’ll probably take a trip to some island for a vacation. One place that I’ve been looking at is Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go there ever since I was a little kid, but I’ve never been able to go there. I even asked my parents to take me there, but they said no because we couldn’t afford to go there. Now that I have the money, I can go whenever I want.

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