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In a day we visit several places like office, super markets, restaurants etc. In all of these places we can slip and fall while moving here and there. Accidents are very common in day to day lives but even minor accidents can cause severe damage and permanently disable the person causing the loss of ability to earn livelihood. The question is once an individual met with an accident, who will take the responsibility. According to law the responsibility needs to be established for any kind of compensation or damage to be awarded to the victim. If a person is using escalator in office premise and it fails due to which person suffers injury then there are multiple parties which could be held accountable for it. The company which installed escalator or the company which maintains it or it can be the employer for whom the victim works. Establishing the accountability is the task of the slip and fall lawyers in Toronto along with many other roles that they are expected to perform.

Slip & Fall Injury – Causes & Role of lawyers

Slip and fall injuries may be caused due to many reasons like unlit stairway, improper construction, slippery surface, parking ramp falls, fall due to improper sidewalk, bathtub and shower fall etc. It is the duty of the property owner to ensure that their properties are in safe condition. Another possibility of slip and fall injury arises due to ice and snow. The parking lot, sidewalks etc need to be free from ice but the owners are given sufficient time in this case to take action. For example in case of storm going on owner is not expected to remove ice from the sidewalk in front of his property. There is a lot of complexity involved in different cases as to when and why a property owner or one who maintains it will be held responsible for accidental injury to any person on that property. It is best to hire slip and fall injury lawyers who can handle these situations with their experience and legal knowledge as everything ends up with proving the responsibility. Slip and fall lawyers not only give legal assistance but also provide moral and emotional support to the victim and their family so that they can focus on recuperation of the victim rather than bothering about these problems.


Legal assistance in slip and fall injuries can be of paramount importance as they will be able to prove the responsibility of the concerned party and hence get appropriate compensation for the victim which is very critical in case of life altering injuries like permanent disability etc. Also by hiring lawyers victims can be rest assured that the opposition will not be able to exploit legal loopholes like lack of pictorial evidence etc. to escape from penalty.

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