Shelly and I Are Getting Divorced

It has been coming on for some time, but of course I have been hoping that Shelly and I could work things out some way or another. It is not a big dramatic thing, like some soap opera. We are behaving more or less like adults and I am trying to figure out how to divide up the property right at this point in time. I suppose that I am going to need some good divorce and family law guidance, but we are looking to avoid giving half of our stuff to lawyers. Of course that is pretty close to what happens in a lot of contentious divorces. Both sides get too involved in trying to punish the other one and they end up burning down all of their net worth instead of finding an equitable way to split it all up. Of course neither of us is rich and we do not have a lot to fight over aside from the house and it is not a mansion to put it mildly. That is the only real sticking point. I have a life insurance policy, but it does not have a huge cash value and technically the policy belongs to my Mom. She paid for it when I was young and put it in her name to make sure that I did not cash it in and blow it on a summer vacation while I was in my teens. Like a lot of teenaged boys I probably would have done that if I had been given the chance to do it. Sheila and I each have a car, but they are obviously our own property it seems to me. Mine might be worth a bit more, but there is nothing to fight over there. The house is small, but it has some equity in it. I would like to keep it some way or another.

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