Lawyer for Answering Immigration Questions

I have been living and working in NYC for some time now, and I really do not want to have that taken from me. It would be quite unfortunate if I had to go back to my native country. It is a miserable place compared to NYC. Not that NYC is perfect in all respects, but it is where I would like to call home from now on. I am looking to hire a immigration attorney in NYC because I have had some issues lately with paperwork and I think that my work visa is set to expire, even though I am pretty sure that I should have more time left before it is supposed to expire. I am not sure how this mix up happened, but it is pretty disconcerting to me.

I had hopes that I would just get to stay in this country, but I guess nothing can ever be that easy with the Immigration department. I just hope that they won’t kick me out, and make me apply to come back again, or something equally stupid like that. I have already gone through enough getting to this great country in the first place. I think that I have a higher shot of being able to stay than some of my cohorts, because it is not like I am an unskilled laborer. As such, I feel like they should view my presence in the country more favorably than that of the average person. But I guess I will have to wait and find out about that. But before I do anything else at all, I would really like to talk to a lawyer that is an expert in the field of immigration and talk to them about my legal situation and what I need to do going forward.

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