Items Every Employer Should Have

Nowadays, an employer must protect itself by ensuring that it remains compliant in several areas. One wrong or missing employment element can put a company at risk for litigation. An employer’s main job is to ensure that each employee receives documented education about his or her employment terms, rights and benefits. An employer’s second job is to ensure that all employees have appropriate conflict resolution systems and instructions as to the process they should follow should they fall victim to harassment. The following are some items that every employer should have to decrease its chances of litigation:

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are some of the most crucial documents when it comes to protecting a business. Handbooks clearly state terms such as pay dates, dress codes, serious violations, benefits and other information that all employees need to have. Every employer needs to create handbooks that specify the aforementioned details so that employees have the knowledge of their rights and expectations. Employers should have their employees sign the handbook acknowledgement statements, as well. Such statements provide tangible documentation that the employer gave the employees the crucial information that they needed.

Contracts or At-Will Statements

Unfair termination cases can arise if employers do not use contracts and at-will statements. An at-will statement is a statement that says that an employer retains the right to terminate an employee for almost any reason. Contracts outline defined terms to which an employer and employee must abide. An employer cannot fire a contracted person early unless such is stated in the contract. An at-will employer with a signed at-will arrangement acknowledgement form will have protection from unfair termination charges. An employer can obtain contracts and at-will statements from a company that offers a full suite of employer assistance products.

Health & Safety Training Modules

Every employer should know Lighthouse health & safety employment law. Health and safety are two categories that can get an employer into big trouble. Each employee should be thoroughly trained to implement safe working practices. Each employee should be aware of airborne diseases and the dangers of touching blood and chemical substances. Additionally, an employer should have first aid kits, fire escape plans and informational packets that educate employees about proper lifting techniques.
An employer must always look for ways to decrease the potential of mental and physical injuries in its employees. The aforementioned consists of only a few of the many support items that employers need to preserve their integrity.

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