How to Reduce Charge for Driving with No Insurance

Canadian law requires all drivers to have an automobile insurance in order to be able to pay for the damages they may cause in the result of a car accident. Automobile insurance covers medical care bills, as well as vehicle repair or replacement of driver’s damaged property. These expenses can be really huge and unbearable to at-fault driver that is why it is so important to have the right insurance coverage.

No Insurance Charge

Driving with no insurance is a costly offence that can cause a lot of negative consequences. If you get caught driving without insurance, for example, in Mississauga, Ontario, you will have to pay at least 5,000 dollars penalty, not to mention victim fine surcharges that will add additional 25% to the total sum of a fine. 5,000 dollars is a minimum fine prescribed by Ontario traffic law, but this financial penalty may rise up to 25,000 dollars depending on various circumstances. In case you get caught driving without insurance for the second time the minimum no insurance charge will double. Indeed, driving without insurance is a costly mistake. What is more, except for a huge fine, the driver may face a license suspension of 30 days to one year on a first offence.

Reaction of Insurance Company

If the person gets convicted for no insurance driving any insurance company may place the person in the category of high risk drivers. As a result, the monthly insurance premiums of a person convicted of No Insurance may skyrocket or even be canceled at all. Any company considers the driving record of a person very thoroughly before to decide to issue him or her a policy. Most insurance companies of Canada consider driving without insurance as a serious offence that is why they will not take insurance tickets lightly and in most cases they will increase driver’s monthly insurance payments or cancel the coverage.


Except for mandatory no insurance charge, the offender can face a lot of other negative consequences. In case the driver gets involved in a car accident, driving the vehicle that is not insured, the person may be sued. Without insurance the driver will not get any compensation for injuries and property damage. If the driver is involved into an at-fault car accident, he or she will have to compensate damages to the injured party at his or her own.

How to Reduce No Insurance Charge in Mississauga

The best bet to get your no insurance ticket reduced is to entrust this case to a professional lawyers that have the necessary expertise in this sphere of Canadian law. There are cases when the charge cannot be entirely defended, but professional paralegal can always help you reduce it by thousands of dollars. A lawyer can portray the financial situation of a person that was charged with a no insurance ticket in the right way and ask a Court to revise the sum of minimum mandatory fine. That is why, in case you were charged with driving with no insurance ticket, don’t hesitate to apply for professional assistance to be able to reduce negative consequences of this case.

Canadian blogger Marion Harrison about no insurance charge in Mississauga, helping readers to find effective ways to reduce the mandatory fine for driving without insurance.

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