Dealing with the Personal Injury Board

I am trying to figure out how best to deal with the personal injury board or the Piab injuries board. I have a claim in with them and I have not been able to work for the past couple of weeks because of being hobbled. It does not look like I am going to be able to work for another month or so. I have been thinking about hiring a lawyer and I was searching around on the web for one which specializes in my problem. This is the one that I am looking at right now, It appears that this Baggot Law specializes in what I need them to do and that they are probably a good choice based on what I can find out up to this point. Of course I am not eager to add another bill, my big problem is that not being able to work has put me way behind on my bills. I have the rent to pay and insurance obviously. I have to eat and I have the ordinary expenses that every person has over the course of time. With no money coming in from the weekly paycheck I have no real means to pay for that. My insurance company is going to cover the hospital bills and the cost of physical therapy, but they are not going to pay my rent or give me the money to buy groceries. Of course they definitely are not going to buy me a pint down at the corner pub. I just have to do without that sort of thing, but the others are necessities and the only way to pay for them is going to be to either borrow the money or to have a settlement. Borrowing is not a practical option for me.

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