Blood Thinners Are Not Always Good for You

When I first heard about a Xarelto lawsuit, I really did not give much thought about it. I am a paralegal, so it is my job to keep up with certain things, but I am also able to put them out of mind pretty quickly too. Not much later, I heard that my aunt was actually taking Xarelto, which really made me scared for her. I hadn’t read much more than a brief on the lawsuit, and I wanted to find out all of the details so I could give it to her and she could decide what to do.

It did not take me long to find the website of the law firm who handles a lot of cases like this, and sure enough, they had a lot of Xarelto information on their homepage. I am not naive about medications at all. While a lot of people are alive today because of them, I also know that a lot of people are not or if they are, they’re suffering even worse because of it. I did not want my aunt to be a statistic like that, which is why I sent her a link to the website for the law firm.

I know that she needs to be on a blood thinner, but i know that there are other choices out there too that are much safer. I am happy for the people who have found Xarelto to be the medical answer they were looking for, but I did not want my aunt to take a chance like that when the complications from it could involve internal bleeding, strokes, blood clots and hematomas. I was so relieved when she told me that her doctor was placing her on another blood thinner. Now, I can only hope that the people who need this law firm get the help that they deserve.

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