Types Of Divorce Lawyers To Choose From

Deciding to get a divorce from your partner is never an easy decision but at times staying together becomes an impossible task and in such cases divorce is the only option. If you reside in the LongIslands, you will have to look for a good Long Island divorce lawyer who will handle your divorce proceedings on your behalf. However, you will have to understand that there are different types and you must know which type of lawyer you will need to hire.

Types of divorce lawyers

  • There are contested and uncontested divorces and there are some lawyers specialize in either contested or uncontested divorces. If you and your spouse do not agree on the divorce or on the terms and conditions of the divorce, you will have to hire a lawyer who specializes in contested divorces. If you and your spouse have agreed to the divorce as well as its terms and conditions, you will just have to go through the formal proceedings and for that you can hire a lawyer who usually works on uncontested divorces.
  • There are some divorce lawyers inLong Islandwho specialize in child issues settlement. Things like child support, child visitation rights and child custody fall under the purview of child issues settlement and if there are children involved in your divorce, you must get a lawyer who specializes in child issues settlement.
  • If matters related to spousal support are an issue in your divorce, you must choose a divorce lawyer who has expertise in spousal support issues. The lawyer will help you to get the alimony that you have been seeking.
  • There are also some divorce lawyers who specialize in property distribution. If you and your spouse have considerable property that needs distribution, you can hire one such lawyer.
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