Thomas Bellone – Do I Really Need a Lawyer after an Accident?

Dealing with an accident is one of the last situations you can think of. You are careful enough to avoid such issues, whether you are stuck in traffic or you walk down the street. But after all, if someone else is not as careful as you are, you are always at risk. The unpleasant situations arise when least expected. You might patiently wait at the red light in your car, check out the shelves in a supermarket and wait for your working shift to be over. All in all, when you are not the guilty part and you end up with some injuries, you need a personal injury attorney. Dealing with an insurance company is a basic procedure and a little experience and nerve can definitely bring in some cash. However, when there is no way to reach to a common point and you have to take your case in front of a judge, the procedures are way more sophisticated.

It sounds hard to believe, but even when you face the insurance representatives, they will try their best techniques to trick you. In fact, without any experience, you probably do not even know how much you are entitled to receive. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can settle the case for you or represent you accordingly in front of a judge. Thomas S. Bellone Jr. is one of the popular names around New York City. The successful attorney is accredited by a few different institutions and can be contacted directly at his office or through Bellone, Sher, Herman and Tipograph. This is one of the first names you will run into when trying to get some recommendations or reviews, mostly since he has dealt with personal injuries for more than thirty years.

The compensation laws are extremely diversified. The truth is that there are so many things to think about that you can barely tell what to start with. The medical treatments represent a priority. Keep in mind that a severe case may bring in a lifetime treatment, which should be compensated as well. Other than that, the emotional stress, the discomfort and the shock have to be taken care of too. The more you are hospitalized, the more money you will lose by skipping work. Finally, if the accident involves your vehicle or other goods, they must be paid for too. Basically, there are both current and future financial losses, so an expert like Tommy S. Bellone Jr. can ensure that you will not miss any of them.

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