The Kids Are Much Happier Now

My ex and I used to share custody of our children. Though we only wanted two children, we ended up with four because the second pregnancy turned out to be triplets. I cannot imagine my life without them though, and I know I have been blessed. Unfortunately, my ex does not feel the same way. That is why I did a search about a year ago for a family lawyer Suwanee GA. The kids were never happy when they came home from his house on the weekends that he did show up to get them.

He would quiz them about me, and he was also very harsh with them when they would not be forthcoming with their answers. He would have different live-in girlfriends all the time too, which really confused them when they had to get used to another one. When he finally proposed to his last girlfriend, the kids were heartbroken over it. She had made it very clear to them that she wanted their father’s attention rather than him giving it to his own flesh and blood children. The really sad part is that he did what she asked, which made their visits there less frequent and more stressful when they did occur.

Since he had made it obviously clear that he did not want bothered, I wanted to make it legal. I did not want it coming back on me that I was not allowing them to visit their father, even though he didn’t want them. I wanted to make sure that the lawyer I retained understood just how awful the kids were treated there, and he made a very good case for me to get full custody. When their father did not even fight it, I knew that it would happen. I truly am hoping one day he will open his eyes up though, because the kids need their dad! They are much happier now, and that is what matters at the moment.

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