Checklist before shifting to the USA

So you finally landed that dream job and are all geared up to go! As you pull out your bags, it just occurs to you, that you are actually pretty clueless on just where to start from. Well don’t worry, here is a little step by step guide to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing.

  • Plane tickets. When booking a plane ticket, everyone tends to worry more about price! Keep a look out also on the weight capacity that you are allowed to carry. Some flights allow for nearly up to 40kg. Go for those if you are moving to the USA for a certain period of time. The more weight capacity, the less likely you are to cross over.
  • Documentation. Do you have all the required documents? You need a legit Visa for the USA as well as filed a i-9 employment verification for you to work in the USA. Most companies help out employees with these documentation but it is best that you check your i-9 employment verification for yourself.
  • Place to stay. Renting an apartment or room online is seemingly easy but many a time the photographs are a far shot from reality. Usually, the best way around this is to ask your HR to help you scout for a few apartments. After that when you reach, check in to a hotel for a night and view the apartments. Finalize on one only after that.
  • Travel light. There are few things that you cannot get in Walmart. Travel as light as possible and travel smart. Keep an open mind and embrace the country as you start working there.

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